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Range Servant is a global leader in supplying top quality driving range equipment to golf clubs in every continent. Upgrade your driving range with Range Servant.

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Range Servant produces and sells driving range equipment and solutions that manage the picking, washing, dispensing, and overall handling of golf balls.

We serve the market with technical support, installation, and project management, and believes that each customer contact is unique. We are always happy to assist with our knowledge and know-how and before even considering anything else, reach out to us for a free consultation.

Serving Golfers since 1986

Range Servant UK open for business

Range Servant UK now open for business!

We are excited to present our new subsidiary, Range Servant UK Limited, with Headquarters in London, and our team based in the middle of the UK.  Range Servant has been manufacturing golf range products for the Global Marketplace since 1986.

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Range Servant picker solutions

The future of golf ball collecting is here!

Range Servant has been the market leader in golf ball picking solutions for over three decades now. With extreme quality and high uptime, our Solutions have quickly become the market standard. Depending on your Range and its conditions, Range Servant

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Driving Range Equipment

Explore Range Servant’s quality Driving Range Equipment designed to elevate your golf facility to new heights.

Service agreement

Create a carefree range and extend the lifetime of your products by signing up for our service agreement. With over 39 years in the golf industry and a support and service team that are amongst the best in the business, you can rest easy that your investment will last a lifetime.

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