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Range Servant picker solutions

Range Servant has been the market leader in golf ball picking solutions for over three decades now. With extreme quality and high uptime, our Solutions have quickly become the market standard.

Depending on your Range and its conditions, Range Servant offers a variety of different choices, such as frames, capacity, picker rollers and even the option to choose Hydraulic Emptying of golf balls into Ditches. Now, 2023, we have taken the next step in automizing the Range experience by introducing our fully automatic Robotic Picker, powered by Relox Robotics.

Range Servant supplies everything the operator needs to make this FULLY AUTOMATIC EXPERIENCE POSSIBLE, with our own Ditch Solutions, Ditch Elevators, Washers, and Ball Dispensers.

From our basic Hand Picker Solutions to our biggest 7-gang Heavy Duty Picker we have the capacity to pick 400 – 5,600 balls per round. Our most popular Picker roller, the Multiflex is a combination of plastics and rubber, enable it to pick on basically all terrains.
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Hydraulic Emptying
Handle the ball picking and dumping from the vehicle and save time as well as the well being of your personnel. This solution is truly a win-win-situation.
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Robotic Picker
The Robotic Picker will be one piece of the puzzle in automating the entire picking procedure. Using a high precision GPS, and through smart GPS mapping, there is no need for perimeter wire, which will result in picking more golf balls per round, compared to the competition. The Robotic Picker will pick approx. 21 000 balls / day during normal circumstances.

The Robotic Picker comes with the automated ball emptying and self-charging features.
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Range Servant has two different Ditch Solutions, a 2-meter dry Ditch modified for our Robotic Picker and a 6-meter wet, concrete Ditch that works with both the Robotic- and ordinary ball picker.
Both Solutions come with a Ditch Elevator to lift the balls up from the Ditch and into whatever solution you choose next. The 2-meter dry Ditch comes with an ultrasonic sensor that will kickstart the elevating process ones it detects a Robot.

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Range Servant produces and sells driving range equipment and solutions that manage the picking, washing, dispensing, and overall handling of golf balls. Each customer is unique, and we are always happy to assist with technical support, spare parts, installation, and project management. Range Servant offers a wide variety of accessories to round out a complete catalog of high-quality range equipment.

Our goal is to inspire golfers to hit more balls and to help range owners operate a carefree and more profitable business.

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