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Range Servant CEO

Hello customers, partners, and colleagues,

Range Servant is in an expansive phase with amazing projects that have been installed/commissioned and more projects upcoming in different parts of the world.

We are known for reliable, efficient equipment and systems running in fantastic facilities, from small ranges to large commercial sites. No matter what the size of the facility or customer, it is very important that all operate a successful range and provide a great experience for all customers.

Range Servant's equipment handles approximately 11 billion balls annually, and we are happy to see the number of our customers increasing as well, as golf continues to grow globally.

Our vision is to deliver the smart range, and we have developed technology, which allows the monitoring, supervising support, and service of the range. This gives Range Servant the opportunity to work proactively with its customers and manage all aspects of the range, everything except the actual hitting of the golf ball. Our Smart Range helps our customers and partners stay connected with our RSS (Range Servant Solutions) so that our team can provide the market with different types of services in order to operate a carefree range.

Our digital systems today can be connected directly to any ball dispenser or an entire BMS (Ball Management System). Any product or service tied to the turnover of balls can be related and thus pro-actively alert staff and/or management to initiate preventive/corrective actions.

We think with the data we have today we can decrease downtime, identify opportunities, and help customers and partners in creating even better experiences at any range around the world.

Finally, on behalf of the company and our fantastic staff, I would like to thank our customers and partners for your business and for putting your trust in us. 

I wish everyone a continued great golf season. See you soon.

All the best,
Elvis Knez
CEO Range Servant Group

Range Servant produces and sells driving range equipment and solutions that manage the picking, washing, dispensing, and overall handling of golf balls. Each customer is unique, and we are always happy to assist with technical support, spare parts, installation, and project management. Range Servant offers a wide variety of accessories to round out a complete catalog of high-quality range equipment.

Our goal is to inspire golfers to hit more balls and to help range owners operate a carefree and more profitable business.

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