Quality washers


Quality washers

Range Servant’s quality washers, BT1000, BT1300 and BT1950 are all made of Hot-dip galvanized steel. Range Servant has used the company Halmstad Varmförzinkning for the majority of 30 years. But what is Hot-dip galvanizing and why is it used for our washers?

From Wikipedia:
Hot-dip galvanization is the process of coating iron and steel with zinc, to form zinc carbonate, a usually dull grey (see pic below), fairly strong material that protects the steel underneath from corrosion. Galvanized steel is widely used in applications where corrosion resistance is needed, and is considered superior in terms of cost and life-cycle. It can be identified by the crystallization patterning on the surface (often called a “spangle”).

Below is a picture of the Range Servant washer made of Hot-dip galvanized steel. These washers are made to withstand corrosion and have a long lifespan.

Range Servant Washer
Ball Washer open

Range Servant produces and sells driving range equipment and solutions that manage the picking, washing, dispensing, and overall handling of golf balls. Each customer is unique, and we are always happy to assist with technical support, spare parts, installation, and project management. Range Servant offers a wide variety of accessories to round out a complete catalog of high-quality range equipment.

Our goal is to inspire golfers to hit more balls and to help range owners operate a carefree and more profitable business.

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