Tee Box gen 3 at Bigshots, UK


Tee Box gen 3 Bigshots

We are excited to announce that BigShots Golf International, in London, England, is the first site worldwide to install the Range Servant Tee Box Generation 3!

These are a fantastic addition to our venue and the Range Servant team were a pleasure to work with!

With 55 TrackMan bays, BigShots Golf UK will now be able to offer their guests In-Bay dispensing, which will streamline the user experience. With a dark, slick design, taking up only 30cm of depth space, and a capacity of 1,900 balls, the Tee Box guarantees that no guest will ever run out of balls. Lastly, each Tee Box is equipped with RSconnect, which allows for easy third-party integrations, as well as a soft-foam front panel, which reduces harm to the golfer during the occasional errant shot.

Tee Box gen 3 BigShots 3
Tee Box gen 3 BigShots 2

Read more about our Tee Boxes here.

Range Servant produces and sells driving range equipment and solutions that manage the picking, washing, dispensing, and tracking of golf balls. Our Customer Service serve the market with technical support, spare parts, installation, and project management. Each customer contact is unique, and we are always happy to assist. Range Servant offers a wide variety of accessories to round out a complete catalogue of high-quality range equipment.

Our goal is to inspire the golfer to hit more balls and to help the range owner operate a carefree and more profitable business. 

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