Ball Picker Light

Our Golf Ball Pickers Light are best suited for facilities with:

  • Undulating, wet terrain
  • Less than 15,000 range balls per day
  • Average quality grass or artificial turf


The Light frame can be purchased in 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6-gang versions. Standard is 3 & 5-gang.

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  • Galvanized steel and aluminum construction
  • In-line design allows for driving forward and in reverse
  • High capacities: 1,600–4,800 balls
  • Light weight flexible design
  • Flotation tires for a smooth stable ride
  • Multiple flex points for varied terrain
  • Adaptable to any cart or vehicle
  • Available with Multiflex or Plastic discs

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Hand picker 1 basket 1600 balls, Hand picker 2 baskets 800 balls, 2 gangs plastic, 2 gangs multiflex, 3 gang plastic, 3 gang multiflex, 4 gang plastic, 4 gang multiflex, 5 gang plastic, 5 gang multiflex, 6 gang plastic, 6 gang multiflex


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