Tee Box gen 2

Range Servant is proud to have recently installed our Tee Boxes and Ball Management Systems at two large golf entertainment facilities in the midwest. Back 9 is located in Indianapolis with 76 Tee Boxes that are integrated with Inrange Golf. Luxe Golf Bays is set outside of Milwaukee in Franklin, WI and they have 57 […]

Golf Range Intelligence

Range Intelligence

In every business, gathering information and measuring metrics are keys to business intelligence. Knowing the current state of the business helps to develop goals and activities to move the business forward. The same can be said for golf ranges. And since no two ranges are the same, how does a club or course know if […]

Quality washers

Quality washers

Range Servant’s quality washers, BT1000, BT1300 and BT1950 are all made of Hot-dip galvanized steel. Range Servant has used the company Halmstad Varmförzinkning for the majority of 30 years. But what is Hot-dip galvanizing and why is it used for our washers? From Wikipedia:Hot-dip galvanization is the process of coating iron and steel with zinc, to form zinc […]