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The exclusive solution for Range owners who want to give their customers an easier and more efficient way to hit golf balls.


Each T-Box holds 1500 balls and can be upgraded to be equipped with a low level alert through Connected Care. This sends you a convenient reminder to refill the Tee-Box when the ball stock is low.
Features T-Box T-Box + Connected care
Capacity for 1500 balls ✓ ✓
Outputs balls via sensor ✓ ✓
Protective coating for player safety
and customer customfit Logo/color areas ✓ ✓
Prepared for our payment systems
RS Kiosk and RS T-Box lite ✓ ✓
Prepared for Range Servant’s
Tee-Up module ✓ ✓
Low ball level is shown in
Dashboard alerted through
SMS or mail for each T-Box ✓


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