Soaker 4000

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  • Rust-proof aluminum and stainless steel elevator for years of rust-free functionality
  • Perforated belt design retains water and balls
  • Adjustable speed control belt drive
  • Removable grid system for easy maintenance
  • Option to add a sprinkler for cleaner operation
  • Comfortable working height for operators
  • Durable Polymer, 1,700 ball capacity bin


Capacity may differ depending on ball quality and filling technique.

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Designed with the muddy season in mind, the Soaker 4000 loosens deeply embedded and caked-on dirt before the balls are lifted by the elevator into the BT1950 or BT1300 Ball Washer.

Requirements: water supply connection 1/2″, drain 50 mm, 230V electricity

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Weight 77 kg
Dimensions 1335 × 800 × 915 mm


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