Golf Ball Dispenser BTW 25-30

  • 28,000 ball capacity
  • Behind the Wall Dispenser for personalized golf range branding
  • Chute adjusts for flush or set-back Ball Dispenser
  • Precise sensor for any ball count enables unlimited variations
  • Aluminum and stainless galvanized steel
  • Highly modular for easy upgrades – add washer and elevator for time savings
  • Flexible payment cabinet


Capacity may differ depending on ball quality and filling technique.


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Golf Ball Dispenser BTW 25-30 is both flexible and reliable, constructed from durable aluminum and stainless galvanized steel to ensure longevity without cracking, peeling, or rusting.

For the golf range looking to customize its marketing or highlight he facility, the Behind the Wall Dispenser is the natural choice.

The single-ball dispensing solution, equipped with a photo sensor that counts each ball, allows you to set the machine to dispense any desired ball count.

The Ball Dispenser can stand flush or further back from the wall thanks to the adjustable chute and flexible payment cabinet.

This high-volume model is designed to minimize labor and increase revenue at the same time. It’s extremely versatile and designed to be loaded with any of our renowned automation products. Whether filled by our Elevator or Blower, our Ball Management Systems are quiet, cost-effective and space efficient.

Range Servant Behind the Wall Dispensers are available in 4 different sizes, with ball capacities ranging from approximately 19,000 to 40,000 balls.

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Dimensions 772 × 2031 × 2100 mm


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