RS Max

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Check and top up balance
Open the app and you’ll see your balance. Do you want to fylla på? Via fylla på you choose your mängd and your bank. Finish the payment and your credit has been updated immediately.

Mobile payment
With your mobile at your fingertips, you’ll always have your Cashlessgolf credit with you. Scan the QR code at the ball dispenser and the payment has been completed.

Transaction history
Through Historik you can see at a glance what you have bought and when. Click on the Historik for more details.

Transfer credit to each other
The app allows you to quickly transfer an amount of your credit to another Cashlessgolf user. Just scan each other’s QR code and the amount will be transferred immediately.

Benefits for the U.
1. Secure login with Biometrics or PIN code
2. Always have access to your credit
3. Notify Me, receive notification if your credit is low
4. Mobile payment
5. Balance check and transaction history
6. Get loyalty points for all your purchases
7. Quickly transfer credit to each other
8. Stay in touch with your golf club
9. Many useful features on your mobile


Range Servant is proud to present its latest Payment System in collaboration with XAFAX. Over the course of 35 years in the market, we have realized that our customers want one thing more than anything else, a system that they can rely on.
We have tons of features implemented into our two standard levels, the RS lite, RS Max


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