Ball Management System

With our Ball Management System concept, every range operator is able to develop a cost efficient and easy-to-operate driving range. Through automation of the driving range and through sophisticated IT-solutions a Ball Management System releases both time and resources to improve core business and customer relations.

Comprehending the specific requirements for designing and operating a golf range, we are able to customize our Ball Management System to suit both the small country club and the large commercial range. We provide solutions that improve your range operations today and prepare you for the future. We have developed four technologies to help create an efficient Ball Management System for your range;


Ditch Management System

Range Servant ditch system allows the user or our Robot picker to release balls into the ditch, the balls then automatically get transported from the ditch, to an elevator and into the washer.


The Washroom

Range Servant has a wide arrange of products for the Driving Range and we take pride in ensuring that the Driving Range owner at any given time has enough balls to supply its customer, and that the customer gets the best user experience possible with clean and healthy balls. The only thing we don’t do on a Driving Range is to hit the ball.


Inbay Dispensers

We are proud to present our new T-Box. THe exclusive solution for Range owners who want to give their customers an easier and more efficient way to hit golf balls. Each T-Box holds up to 2000 balls and can be upgraded to be equipped with a low-level alert through Connected Care. This send you a convenient reminder to refill the T-Box when the ball stock is low. This product line can be setup together with a Kiosk Payment-Solution to help facilitate a large quantity of T-Boxes.


Ball Pickers

Range Servant had Golf Ball Pickers for any driving range. Whether you need to pick 100 or 100,000 range balls per day, we got you covered.

We even have a fully automated GPS driven robot picker meaning no perimeter thread and no restriction to surface. Unlike our competitors, ours run almost twice as fast and holds far more balls.

The overall strength and durability in all of our pickers and the fact that we are the cheapest on the market per picked ball is something we take great pride in.


Ball Dispensers

Range Servant Golf Ball Dispensers are the #1 selling ball dispensers in the world. We have 10 dispenser models to choose from depending on your needs. Our dispensers can be equipped with more vending options than any other ball machine in the business. Our ball machines are made of the strongest materials and carry the most comprehensive warranties available. 

In addition to our Dispensers and all accessories revolving around them, we also sell golf mats.

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